Jerry Brown’s eccentric campaign and the coming mudfest

Jerry Brown got the general election for governor off to an exciting start by comparing Meg Whitman’s campaign to saturation propaganda by Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels, further adding that “Goebbels took control of the world.” [and has since apologized]

He followed that with a startling non sequitur, adding “She wants to be president. That’s her ambition.” Well, so did Hillary Clinton. So what?

Brown also said Whitman lives in a “bubble of private jets, political consultants and security guards.” Well then, I assume Brown must not be using any such campaign accoutrements himself otherwise it would have been downright hypocritical of him to say that.

However, he also says her 46-page magazine detailing a vision for the state is empty fluff. He’s probably correct. Based on her website, Whitman says she wants to grow the economy, cut taxes, fix education, and stop the bickering in Sacramento – all without any specific plans. Nor does she say how she will stop the ever-escalating budget crisis. Nope, she barely even alludes to it, much less how to fix it.

But Brown’s website is even worse and still has nothing about the budget crisis. Bizarrely, the rotating banner on the home page says “Even though I am California’s ‘top cop,’ 2 of my tires were stolen. No matter. I got 2 new ones and I’m rolling again!” Huh?

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