Hugo sings

Marc Cooper

This is so stupid, I am not going to bother to translate this little ditty from Hugo Chavez. The gist of it is that he expresses sorrow for all of the poor people condemned to live in the U.S. and then he sings a song about how he doesn’t love Hillary Clinton. It’s Chavez’ right to be an ass. No harm there. What I do find unsettling are the “optics” — the disciplined audience of party faithful, all wearing red and clapping in unison. We’ve see this movie before, and it never ends very well. Doesn’t exactly look like an atmosphere that encourages critical and independent thinking.

Marc Cooper is socialist, was a translator for the Allende government in Chile and barely escaped with his life when the coup happened.

But apparently he must have forgotten that Chavez stands against imperialism so therefore anything he does is permissible, justifiable, and exemplary.