We’re not anti-British. We hate the banksters too

Excerpts from letter by John Napier, CEO of British insurance company RSA, to President Obama

Please forgive this open letter but your comments towards BP and its CEO as reported here are coming across as somewhat prejudicial and personal.

If you compare the damage inflicted on the economies of the western world by polluted securities from the irresponsible, unchecked greed and avarice of leading USA international banks, there has not been the same personalised response in or from countries beyond the US.

Perhaps a case of double standards?

Hmmm, well he’s certainly talking his book as RSA will probably take massive financial hits due to the oil blowout. But still, he has a point. Obama’s attacks on BP CEO Tony Hayward are far harsher than anything he’s said about Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. His bit about “polluted securities” was a deft touch too.

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