Border shooting video of 15 year old killed supposedly for throwing rocks

From Naked Capitalism

This video from a Mexican news broadcast… illustrates one of the mechanisms of propaganda: how the non or under reporting of key facts is used to manage popular perceptions. This video appears getting play only on CNN and some local newstations in the US.

The newswoman says the teenagers were throwing rocks, but as you can see from the video, unless they were using slingshots (and there is no evidence of that) they were so far away as to pose no threat to the border cop.

From the comments

This story is big, big news in Mexico, and it comes on the heels of another detainee who died in Border Patrol custody just a couple of weeks ago. And it’s all playing out with Arizona SB1070 as a backdrop.

The video offers ironclad evidence that the Border Patrol is lying.

The politicians here are playing this thing to the hilt to try to draw attention away from their own dismal record on human rights. Meanwhile, politicians in the US, most notably in Arizona, are whipping up anti-Mexican sentiment, trying to project their own failings onto Mexican immigrants who had almost nothing to do with causing Arizona’s severe economic downturn.

It really is a race to the bottom by unscrupulous politicians on both sides of the Rio Grande.

That’s a race no one wins.

One thing that some may not know. Many Border Patrol officers are Latino heritage themselves. This isn’t just about White supremacists, not hardly at all.

The border, as I’ve said before, is mostly out of control. We need a sane immigration policy. Now.