Thoughts on our non-existent water policy

From Aquadoc

“Unless you consider the jumble of laws, policies, and procedures that deal with the various aspects of water use and control as policy or vision, the United States is operating without any such policy or vision. The Nation’s policy is no policy; its vision is no vision.”– Gerald E. Galloway 2003

“One could argue that a fractured, ad hoc, haphazard mish-mash of random, inconsistent, and stove-piped projects, administered by a hodge-podge of 36 congressional committees and more than 20 agencies in accordance with outdated and inadequate laws constitutes a national water policy. A de facto one. But with so many ignored ‘Aha!’ moments followed by ever-more-frequent and disastrous ‘Uh-oh’ moments, it seems we could use a policy that’s not quite so dependent upon sandbags and firehoses.” –Elizabeth de la Vega

Truly, water regulation is a bizarre assortment of often contradictory goals, with way too many agencies involved. It makes no sense. we need clearly-defined national goals for water, with everyone then moving to implem ent them. What we have now is a crisis waiting to happen.

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