Has Obama figured out whose ass to kick yet?

Philipe Cousteau reports on Treehugger from the Louisiana Gulf coast. He says things will get much worse before they get better. And it’s already bad now.

Oil rig diver swims through the plumes


But while we’ve heard an awful lot about them, we have yet to actually see perhaps the greatest danger that lies before us– the massive plumes of oil and dispersant that now lurk hundreds of miles from the Deepwater Horizon explosion site, choking the life out of anything and everything in their path.

Now, courtesy of intrepid diver Al Walker, we have a real, fish-eye view of the catastrophe.

Check out this segment from AP, in which Walker remarks, “It’s just globs of death out there.”

Meanwhile, BP continues to deny the existence of plumes while the federal government doesn’t call them on it.

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