Could BP be charged under RICO?

SFGate details why. The high-def video they finally released today after being forced to by Sen. Boxer and Markey shows that the leak at the wellhead was massive, way more than the 1,000 barrels a day BP originally claimed. (Emphasis in original)

Leifer cited satellite data that appeared to show the leaking well’s flow was increasing over time. He also noted that BP’s decision to drill open a pipe in an effort to place a “hat” on the damaged well had substantially increased the amount of oil that may be spewing into the sea.

The new number is 100,000 barrels – 200,000 barrels per day.

I repeat. 100,000 barrels – 200,000 barrels per day is pouring into Gulf of Mexico.

Since BP had to know this, SFGate says they could be criminally prosecuted as a corrupt organization.

BP stock dropped 15% today after the high-def video was released.

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