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(Expanding my previous thoughts)

Sen. Blanche Lincoln favors serious financial reform, including forcing financial institutions to spin off their highly profitable derivatives operations. The banksters really don’t want this to happen.

So, did Wall Street use organized labor as proxy or an ally to try to defeat her? Both factions wanted her gone and it seems impossible that financial interests would not actively work to see her go down.

While labor can certainly be a progressive force, it rarely has been that for quite some time in the US, and is too often part of the problem and not part of the solution. So, I see no need to blindly support labor, it depends on the circumstances.

Maybe her views on financial reform was a major factor in her victory.


  1. For the last year, Blanche Lincoln has shown herself to be a Republican in Democrat’s clothing. She has flip flopped more often than an oil soaked fish on a Louisiana beach. She tried to sabotage the Health Care bill and has stated she is against the Free Choice act. She has no love for labor – why should they love her? Go to Act Blue, DailyKos and Firedog Lake and you will see all the reasons that Dems across the nation donated to her rival’s campaign coffers.

    • Might be she flip-flopped. But she’s not doing that now on FinReg and is holding to her hard line against the banksters. This might well be why she won the primary. And could be significant, showing a sea change in voter sentiment.

      We need serious financial reform. She’s pushing for that. Good.

      • Well – let’s just I say, I won’t hold my breath waiting for to follow through on that as she has back pedaled on just about everything thing she was ‘fighting’ for so far. She has truly been living up to the ‘I was for it before I was against it’ tag line that has been so popular this year.

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