Green vs. Green

Breakthrough Institute

Greens argue that the scientific evidence in support of climate change tell us we must take action yet they simultaneously ignore potential solutions — like nuclear power and GE food — despite scientific evidence that they are useful tools. In the first part of a two post series, Breakthrough Senior Fellow Siddartha Shome discusses this perplexing Green paradox. In part two, Sid expounds on the scientific and anti-scientific basis of environmentalism, explaining the role of morality in the effort to mitigate climate change.

Key quote:

To anybody following the debate over nuclear power and GE crops, it soon becomes clear that the Green position on science and technology is rather paradoxical. On one hand, many Greens eagerly invoke science to emphasize the severity of our environmental problems, especially global warming. On the other hand, they are quick to reject scientific-technological fixes for these same environmental problems.

I’m in the techie camp here. Unless you’s prefer to go back to grubbing for berries and roots while denouncing the world of electricity that used to exist, then it seems clear to me that smarter, better, cleaner technology will be how we solve the problems, along with conservation and learning to do more with less.