States and municipalities ignore and protest federal govt

The issues aren’t hardly the same but an increasing number of states and municipalities are just routing around what they see as incompetence or cluelessness by the feds.


  • The Nov. California ballot will have a proposition that would effectively legalize marijuana. What will DC do, send the Marines into Humboldt County?
  • Boulder CO already has legalized marijuana.
  • The Open and Concealed Carry movements are gaining strength in multiple areas of the west and California.
  • Arizona is in open revolt against the inability of the feds to control the border. Their new law targets the wrong people and will solve little, but the underlying issue is the border in Arizona is out of control. Seriously.
  • Both Democratic strategist James Carville and Lousiiana Governor Bobby Jindal have said the oil spill threatens the Gulf Coast way of life, and that the federal government doesn’t understand them or their way of life.

There’s no particular unifying thread here except for a belief that the federal government is out of touch and uncomprehending. And that may be a movement in and of itself.

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