Green gone wrong

Heather Rogers. Green Gone Wrong

Green Gone Wrong: How Our Economy Is Undermining the Environmental Revolution. Verso 2010 by Heather Rogers.

Heather Rogers has researched and written a superb book. I sometimes think even in the Green Party we are so busy with our politics, we forget to look at the politics of ecology….we should not forget and ‘Green Gone Wrong’ is a powerful reminder of what is often forgotten.

Heather has produced a new ‘No Logo’, like Naomi Klein, she visits the people involved and finds out how otherwise abstract notions have a real effect on real people at the grassroots. She looked at BedZed in Britain, an ecological community, talked to ‘green’ car producers in GM and investigated biofuel production in Indonesia and ‘organic’ production in Paraguay.

In Indonesia, Dyak people who live in the rainforests have seen their land stolen for oil palm production. Heather talked to Dyaks who were on trial for ‘stealing’ oil palm seeds. They had simply picked up discard seeds on land that was taken from them.

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