How can you tell when BP is lying

We're from BP and we know what we're doing and never fib

Their lips are moving. Old joke, true. But quite accurate when it comes to BP

Let’s see. First it was 1,000 barrels a day, then 3,000, then 5,000, even as others said the real number was much higher. They chased away reporters and one of their weasels actually said the spill was minuscule. Then they said Top Kill had a 60-70% chance of success, but it failed. Now they say they have “lots of confidence” in their new Top Hat plan, but really, why should anyone believe anything they say. They’ve proven themselves to be unreliable liars.

So why is Obama still backstopping them, rather than slamming them on their lies and failures?

Matt Simmons say bring in the military and put the US in charge. Especially since BP’s new plan could arguably increase flow from the well by cutting the twisted riser pipe. It’s time to call in unbiased outside experts for further opinion before BP blunders again.

Interesting, isn’t it, that James Carville and Bobby Jindal (who live at at opposite ends of the political spectrum) are united in saying the blowout is a threat to their way of life in Louisiana and that the federal government doesn’t understand them or how they live. Or appear to care much.

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