Government of, by, and for BP

Congress just can’t seem to get it together to raise the liability cap for BP to $10 billion.

The mere fact that Congress has been unable to accomplish something as politically obvious as asking companies like BP to pay more for the spills they create has some on the Hill shaking their heads.

“Beyond anything else,” said one Senate Democratic aide, “it’s frustrating.”

“Frustrating”? Some might have another word for such craven complicity with big business, and that word would be “corruption.”

WaPo: Report shows close ties between rig inspectors, oil industry

Inspectors with the Minerals Management Service — charged with enforcing safety and environmental rules on off-shore rigs — routinely took gifts from the companies they were supposed to be policing, including hunting trips, college football tickets and meals, according to a new report

Sounds like corruption to me.

BP CEO walks on oil covered beach, barks orders to media

So who died and made Tony Hayward the king? Yes, that’s the BP CEO yelling “get ’em out of there, get ’em out of there” to the media who is filming him as he “works” on the oil slick cleanup. The last time I checked, we don’t live in the United States of BP. Again, would someone in the White House like to step up and take control of this situation?

Oh goodness no, Obama would never think of telling an important CEO what to do.

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