Stop cattle rustling with cloud computing and RFIDs

Photo. Idaho Statesman article on current cattle rustling

With the economy tanking, cattle rustling is back. ReadWriteWeb presents a way to use RFIDs to track cattle and the cloud to store the data securely.

The guiding motto of our strategy is this: THE RANCHER OWNS HIS OWN DATA.

There is no exception to this. Each rancher owns his, and only his (or her) own data. Government authorities are not and never will be involved in, or have access to, a given rancher’s data of their own volition. In fact, no one but the rancher has access.

The data and RFID frequency are stored in the cloud. It’s never just in one place. Protocols keep it scattered on purpose.

This will make it impossible for a rancher’s information to be seized or intercepted by anyone.

If the rancher thinks cattle are missing, he sends the frequencies and RFID data to law enforcement. Here’s the kicker. After recovering the cattle, the rancher changes the frequency. The data is safe again.

This system ensures a number of things.

  • No one but the rancher owns and can manipulate cattle data
  • The data cannot be seized
  • Cooperation with anyone else is at the discretion of the rancher
  • The information the rancher records is decentralized
  • The rancher can keep track of his cattle and use that information to catch rustlers

The protocols that scatter the data in the cloud are the key to it all. If they are secure and unhackable, then this could work.