Salmon Water Now

Salmon Water Now! was founded to raise public awareness of the plight of wild Pacific salmon, fishermen, and coastal communities dependent on healthy freshwater delta flows. Salmon Water Now! will shed light on the inadequacies of the current water allocation regime and champion the restoration of the Bay-Delta’s legacy of strong salmon runs. Great sacrifices have already been made in the form of two consecutive closed salmon seasons, intense hatchery programs, large job losses in the fisheries sector, and raised seafood prices for consumers. All of these sacrifices will be made in vain as long as water, our most precious resource, continues to be mismanaged for the benefit of California agribusiness. Now is the moment for cooperation amongst stakeholders to drive sustainable, equitable water allocation that will restore the Bay-Delta’s historic salmon runs, bring back jobs, save coastal communities, and foster a newfound value for precious freshwater flows.

They have a video section plus Sacramento Bay-Delta’s Troubled History and Pacific Salmon: Our Threatened Heritage.

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