Wyoming Meth Project launches new campaign

We are pleased to announce that the Wyoming Meth Project launched its latest public service messaging campaign today. The research-based campaign includes a new series of television, radio, online, and outdoor ads that show the devastating impact Meth can have on the friends and family of those who use the drug. Acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, best known for his award-winning films Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and The Wrestler, directed the television campaign.

The research-based messaging campaign—which graphically portrays the ravages of Meth use through television, radio, billboards, and Internet ads—has gained nationwide attention for its uncompromising approach and demonstrated impact. The campaign’s core message, “Not Even Once®,” speaks directly to the highly addictive nature of Meth.

Wyoming is #1 in the US for meth use. View Wyoming Meth Project ads

“When this monster gets a hold of you it is hard to get away. It will ruin your life, some die quick others endure the pain and madness for years. I have had to bury almost all of my friends from this monster. It even took my brother and I still couldn’t stop. It is pure evil, it will steal your life.” –Anonymous Teen quoted on Wyoming Meth Project

I was a tweaker back when they were called speed freaks. It hasn’t changed. Speed still kills.

Canned Heat. Amphetamine Annie

Wanna tell you all a story, about this chick I know.
They call her Amphetamine Annie, and she’s always shovelin’ snow.
I sat her down and told her, I told her crystal clear
I don’t mind you gettin’ high but there’s one thing you should fear
Your mind might think it’s flyin’ baby on those little pills
But you ought to know it’s dyin’, cause – speed kills!

But Annie kept on speedin’, her health was gettin’ poor
She saw things in the window, she heard things at the door
Her mouth was like a grindin’ mill, her lips where cracked and sore
Her skin was turnin’ yellow, I just couldn’t take it no more
She thought her mind was flyin’ on those litte pills
She didn’t know it was going down fast, cause – speed kills!

Well I sat her down and told her, I told her one more time
The whole wide human race has taken far too much methedrine
She said “I don’t care what a limey says, I got to get it on
I’m not hip to the scene of the man who comes from across the pond.”
She wouldn’t heed my warning, Lord she wouldn’t hear what I said
Now she’s in the grave yard, and she’s awfully dead.

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