Crotchety Progressive Rant about those damn kids today

Chris Bowers at Open Left squeals about why aren’t those damn lazy kids today out in the streets protesting, and where the outrage like there was in the halcyon days of 60 protests.

However, the protests stopped. And so, we have new outrages. This is because there is a direct correlation between the amount of outrages and the amount of leftie protests.

But the kids today just don’t get this. Their parents didn’t teach them properly, and the country is going down the tubes. Like all true lefties, I just wish we could return to the good old days.

The protests didn’t stop. There were huge anti-Iraq War demonstrations for a while. I helped organize some of them. But the protests weren’t particularly effective. Times have changed. In an era of rapid response and instant media, the message of a protest can get buried, ignored or spun quickly.

Rather than wheeze about the Good Old Days when the smell of marijuana mingled with that of tear gas and protesters (male, at least) clanged when they walked, maybe the left needs to examine itself. Right now, the liberal and progressive factions are basically conflicted about Obama and hesitant to criticize him. Plus, they tend to be contemptuous of the white working class, especially southerners, something that makes it hard for them to expand their base. And what it is with the liberal blog fixation of reprinting every lunatic thing that Sarah Palin or Pat Buchanan says so they can be morally outraged about it?

(This is a serious response to Bower’s satirical post – at least I think/hope it was satirical! – as he raises important points about the mostly comatose state of the left.)

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