Bank investigations cheat sheet

ProPublica brings us a handy guide to which banks have ongoing investigations, either civil or criminal. Goodness, the nooses seem to be tightening a bit around the throats of some banksters. It should come as no surprise to Polizeros readers that the Squid is the most-investigated, followed by Morgan Stanley. Apparently you can only be a thieving weasel for so long before people get pissed and prosecutors take action.

There are so many investigations now of the criminal class on Wall Street, that ProPublica missed the civil and criminal probes of JPMorgan for manipulating the silver market, and maybe a few others as well.

May the show trials begin! Investments banksters being frog-marched to prison? Could happen. Be still my heart.

As mentioned previously, I fully expect that at some point, Obama will try to derail the investigations given that on numerous occasions he’s amply demonstrated his obiesiance to Wall Street.

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