Bread & Circuses: Greece vs US Riots

The Big Picture notes the raging Greek riots against the budget cuts and says the tepid response seen today from US workers wasn’t always that way.

Prior to the current era, Americans did occasionally take to the streets. 600 Iowa farmers abducted a judge who was doing mortgage foreclosures, threatening to lynch him. The governor declared martial law, and troops were sent to quell the riots.

They have more news clippings online.

We are now defined by endless distractions, and 1000s of channels of hi def, flat screen, home theater. We have plenty of food. The nation remains wealthy, even if that wealth is unevenly distributed. Our never resting entertainment industry has managed to thoroughly distract us from our problems — perhaps too well.

The Romans had it right — bread and circuses are all politicians need to keep the population complacent and themselves in power.

That’s too pessimistic and puts too much blame upon the people. If anything, people are more informed now than ever before. They just aren’t sure what to do yet about the obvious crime in high places and a complicit lap dog government.

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