“For the first time in my environmental career, i’m using the word ‘hopeless'”


This video was taken by John Wathen, and environmentalist from Alabama also known as the Hurricane Creekkeeper. The images, and his informative yet devastating narration, give some visual sense of just how bad the situation in the Gulf has become. For more of Wathen’s coverage, check out his blog, BPoilslick.blogspot.com.

Hundreds of dead fish wash up on public beach in Alabama after oil sightings (photos + video)

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  1. It’s five days old. I’ve been able to get images from the space station ’til yesterday, but it hasn’t updated yet and I’m not sure I’ll get another. This video landed early yesterday (early east coast), and it is now five days old. Even the slick BP video is mostly five days old, with maybe (by the looks of the maps) a couple of three day olds… I haven’t seen anything today newer than that.

    It’s like… someone doesn’t want it talked – oh, look! Some bimbo’s not wearing underwear…

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