Science magazine photoshops polar bear on ice floe, foes attack

This was supposed to illustrate the dangers of climate change. But what it did was to give climate change foes more ammo to use, “see they faked it again.”

I’m staggered at the political stupidity of too much of the climate change movement. After the considerable recent damage caused by reports of faked data – followed by climate change proponents doing nothing until way too late – everyone involved really needs to make absolutely sure their reports are unassailable.

Part of the problem is arrogance, climate change proponents are so convinced their science is correct, they don’t need to defend their views. Sorry, but politics doesn’t work like that.


  1. If they had made a picture of the Earth in flames, would the deniers also claim bogusness since, obviously, the Earth is not literally in flames? The Climate Change movement does need some humility, but they also have to remember they’re dealing with morons (who claim that a 20-inch snowfall in DC means everything about CC is wrong) and opportunists (who know this claim is stupid but will still say it).

  2. I myself get tired of the abuse of dumb-fucks denying what’s before their very eyes, and quite frankly, after two thousand years of the pallic worshiping cult of male domination just think fuck ’em, they’re too stupid to survive. Shut up and let ’em die. Let their common dog sort them out.

    Yeah, Bob, it was stupid, but remember, they’re reaching out to stupid people.

    Worthless, less than sufficiently evolved… if they can’t get with the program, too bad.

    • Well, the deniers blew the proponents out of the water recently with that Climategate deal. It was underhanded, sneaky, and they scored big points too. We need to respond just as fast too.

    • Unfortunately, survival won’t depend on whether you deny or not. It’ll mostly be an accident of geography– and many of those deniers live in places that will be affected least. “Give me my Hummer and screw everyone else!”

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