Toledo Foreclosure Defense League occupies home to prevent foreclosure

An Ohio man facing eviction from his foreclosed home has gone to extreme lengths to call attention to his plight and that of other homeowners in distress.

On Sunday afternoon, Keith Sadler and five activist friends locked themselves inside his Toledo-area home and are refusing to leave until a moratorium on foreclosures is declared in Wood County, Ohio.

“We tried working all these avenues, and we feel like the system is geared toward the banks and not the people, so we felt we needed to take matters into our own hands. The only other option for them is to come in and drag us out. This action is really not about my house. We need people to take their communities back, away from the banks and the corporations ”¦ because they don’t serve the people,” said Sandler.

Sandler lost his job due to an injury and fell behind in payments.

What would happen if tens of thousands of homeowners refused to leave foreclosed homes?

Update: Police raided the house Friday and arrested Sadler and six others as thirty protesters watched.


  1. The police don’t work for the taxpayer. They are not your friend. They are on the banksters payroll. The only one you can depend on to defend yourself, is . . . yourself.

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