Will we see Greece-like riots In America?

The poll on Business Insider, hardly a bunch of wild-eyed radicals, is running 65% Yes.

Yes but not when American Idol or Dancing w/the Stars is on.

Yup. You better believe it.

When both my dentist & physician are telling me we need another revolution, and both are and live in upper middle class Bergen County towns – you know we are going to get it.

You nailed it. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, dentists, other professionals are all PISSED OFF – they’re the ones picking up the tab for all of this. Only public employees and bankers are loving life. That’s how the French revolution started.

What brought the NAZI’s to power was the upper middle class that felt their banking elites was cheating them. Same right now. The poor-nobody cares or listen to them & they have been in hell their lifetime, the working & middle class is usually oblivious. It’s the socioeconomic top 10% without the top 1% that will execute the coup de grace.

The upcoming North American war games most likely begin in the southwest. AZ or CA. The welfare cities of Chicago or the northeast are next. Fourth Generation warfare. This is not going to be like Gettysburg or the First Battle of Manassas

I came of age in the 60’s and was a radical (big surprise, huh?). The anger now is way more widespread and building. Back then it was mainly from the left or the dispossessed. Now it’s crossing multiple class and political lines.

The country has been looted by a few elites. The changiness Obama promised was a non-event. Instead, he never met a banker he didn’t want to shovel money to. One of the most-pissed sectors is indeed the top 10% minus the top 1%. They understand completely what’s going on and see themselves losing ground.

When income disparities widen like they are now, with obvious crime and corruption rampant, there often is a violent upheaval. Factor in bloated public pensions that taxpayers must pay and you get explosive situations.

Any upheavals here won’t be hard left like in Greece. The hard left here is comatose, unable to organize on the crisis of capitalism they say they’ve waited years to happen.

What’s happening now is populism, a time-honored and truly American tradition that emerges every few decades, sometimes quite powerfully.

Will there be violence. What do you think?

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