Obama admin exempted Deepwater Horizon from environmental impact study

It somehow boggles the mind, doesn’t it? But you’re reading the title correctly. BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig was exempted from having an detailed environmental impact study done by the Department of Interior last year.

Hmm, now why could that be? Only deeply suspicious minds might wonder if there’s a connection between that and Obama being the top recipient of campaign contribution money from BP

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  1. Whats truely shocking is the response from other countries. They can’t understand why it’s still releasing oil into the gulf days later. You see, most of them that allow off shore drilling require the companies to put an accousticly triggered shutoff valve in at the base of the well tap after it’s been done. It costs about $500K, but if something like this were to happen, it can be triggered remotely and can shut off the flow rather quickly. The technology exists, the oil companies know about it and use it elsewhere. But they didn’t use it here because they wern’t required to by law, and it saved them half a million short term. 😛

    But then, we don’t need regulation! That’s big-government evil, that. Drill baby, drill!

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