Underwear gnome politics and conspiracy theories

South Park took “failing to connect the dots” and made it economic theory:

Urban Dictionary definition of underwear gnome economics

A business model in which a company may have great offerings, but does not necessarily great profits due to a lack of strategy or how the business is run.

Outlined in an episode of South Park, where gnomes are stealing the town’s underwear. The gnome’s plan is to…
Step One: Collect underwear.
Step Three: Profit.

WebMD’s underwear gnome economics.
Step One: ‘Provide connectivity and a full suite of services to the healthcare industry that improve administrative efficiencies and clinical effectiveness enabling high-quality patient care.’
Step Two:
Step Three: Profit.

I call “Underwear Gnome Politics” on the 9-11 truthers.

Step One: There are things we don’t know about 9-11. Not everything makes complete sense.
Step Two: ???
Step Three: George Bush is responsible!


  1. Sue, with all due respect, there are many Truthers who have a much more nuanced view than “Bush did it.” The National Security State is essentially a state within a state, and it is not completely controllable by any one entity, certainly not the President (think Kennedy). The idea that the Elite in this country would murder its own citizens is alien to most people and yet our government has a long history of murdering, torturing, and experimenting on its own citizens: Down Winders, Tuskegee Experiment, MK Ultra; not to mention Operation North woods which is eerily similar to what occurred on 9/11 in terms of a possible false flag operation. Operation Northwoods authorized the hijacking and bombing of civilian aircraft in order to blame it on the Cubans and build support for an invasion of Cuba. It was signed off at the highest levels of government. So the elite in this country already have plenty of blood on their hands.

    I think it’s important to understand that not all Truthers think that George Bush went in and planned 9/11 in his first 8-months in office. That National Security State, “consists of the president, the secretaries of State and Defense, the National Security Council, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and numerous intelligence agencies. The national security state often operates like an unaccountable sovereign power of its own. Its primary function is to defeat political forces that seek alternatives to capitalism at home or abroad or that try to introduce any seriously reformist economic policies, even within the existing capitalist framework.” (Michael Parenti, America Besieged., City Light Books.)

    Whether they are right or wrong, all they are asking for is a more thorough investigation. Many of these people lost loved ones on 9/11, why not give them this one thing? There are certainly those within the Truther movement that fit your stereotype, but my experience is that they come from a myriad of different political persuasions.

    • You’ll get no argument from Sue or I about our government sometimes being evil. Just ask a Downwinder. If he’s still alive, that is. And I respect your opinion quite a lot.

      I guess I just don’t see any evidence that Bin Laden et al weren’t the ones who did it. Or what such a conspiracy, if it did exist, would have gained them. I also think it tends to draw people into blind alleys and deflect them away from things like the banksters plundering the country with the government providing cover.

      • George W ‘Lips’ Bush – isn’t/wasn’t smart enough to ‘do’ 9/11, nor was he before his appointment to the Presidency by an ideologically stacked activist court a part of ‘The National Security State’… being, as it were, to stupid.

        Dick Cheney, on the other hand…

        I get a little tired of the dis-respect foisted upon we of enough intelligence, knowledge and where-with-all to see beyond the windshield. It’s really rather a Republican thing to do. The facts on the ground – look for it, it’s out there – are 1) ‘binLaden’ was a CIA asset dating to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, 2) ‘binLaden has been dead since 12/01, and 3) and three why is it so important that everyone buy into the ‘official’ story that we to this day have an incredibly sophisticated propaganda machine in place to perpetrate the myth of ‘Al Quaeda’ and it’s responsibility for 9/11?

        9/11 was an inside job – America’s Reichtag. If people ain’t smart enough to see beyond the windshield… they’re not smart enough to survive the shit now hitting the fan. Insufficiently evolved, a sacrifice to the next iteration in humanity.

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