On socialism, corporatism and Democratic-Republican party government

Poli-tea dissects the absurdity of right-wing attacks on Obama as being socialist, when in reality he’s not even a liberal, citing Ron Paul rightfully saying Obama is a corporatist.

In socialism, the government owns the means of production. That’s not what has been happening here. Rather, the government has buttressed and financed corporate interests to the detriment of the rest of us. There’s nothing even slightly socialist about that.


  1. In Fascism the government is owned by the means of production.

    By all definitions, including Mussolini (1933 Time an of the Year).

    Il Duce Mussolini

    — To be clear: the wedding of The Corporation and The State, where the means of production controls the means of distribution, is not “Communism”. Is not socialist. In “Communism”, socialism, by definition the means of distribution – The State – controls the means of production – The Corporation. Fascism, by definition of its leading protagonist, is the wedding of The Corporation and The State, with the means of production – The Corporation – in full control of the means of distribution – The State.

    I’ve given Obama just about all of the benefit of the doubt I have left.

  2. It is equally absurd for the Left to be accusing the TPers of promoting Fascism, since they are protesting the reach of the fed. (If Ten Bears’s analysis is correct, Obama is the fascist.) Both sides are screaming absurdities about their opponents, and apparently they believe it.

    Corporate America scores again.

  3. I leave to the reader wither coincidence, providence, or ‘shit happens’… yet today, just five days shy of the fortieth anniversary of the day that rocked my world, the day that sent me to War, Dawn and I were in the Only Christian Thrift Store where I fished from the free box a VHS copy of Christopher Walken’s Dogs of War, having as I have had for many years on my bookshelf an original hardcopy of the 1974 novel by Frederick Forsyth. Hmmm…

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