Imagine a city of 13 million with continual blackouts

That’s Dhaka, Bangladesh now. Uncontrolled growth is a primary reason that blackouts now occur every few hours, something which usually shuts down the water supply too. And here I get cranky when the Internet goes down for ten minutes. If you’re reading this on a laptop in a developed country, you are in the global elite.

The problems in Dhaka affect everyone, not just the poor. The middle class, government, business, everyone, is affected. Imagine sitting in the dark at home with no water, and having to do so on a continuing basis. The government is scrambling for solutions. Big companies like GE can build new power plants quickly, so a series of 60-70 MW diesel plants may be installed soon. But Dhaka needs 2 GW more just to meet demand, assuming the infrastructure could even handle it.

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