Arizona to pass harsh immigration law

Polls show 70% of the population supports the law, which mandates that police can check anyone for immigration papers, that municipalities can not declare safe haven and ignore the law, and that citizens can sue if they think police aren’t enforcing the law strongly enough. The governor will redoubtably sign the bill. There have been mass protests on both sides of the issue.

Things are most definitely getting crazy there.

  • A rancher was murdered recently on his own land on the border after radioing he saw someone crossing over and was going to investigate. A killing like this has has never happened before
  • The Feds just did a huge human smuggling bust in Phoenix and Tucson. The smugglers had twelve shuttle companies and may have been making into the billions. Yes, billions.
  • Western Union just got fined for money laundering hundreds of millions back to Mexico
  • Phoenix police say they are outgunned by the drug cartels.

The state’s leading paper the Phoenix Republic, opposes the law, saying it targets the wrong people and will solve nothing. Laurie Roberts asked in a recent column, Arizona immigration bill: Are you feeling terrorized? This after the governor said “Arizona is being overrun by illegal immigrants terrorizing the citizens of the state of Arizona.”

Some of the comments:

Phoenix now has the reputation of being the “kidnap capital” of the US. Doesn’t matter just who is kidnapped; what matters is that far too many are.

I am a 5th generation US citizen and have been singled out many times for the color of my skin. I have no accent, but am of Latino origin. I have been pulled over and asked what I am doing in the naborhood. I point across the street and say I live there. This law allows racial profiling under color of law. What is “reasonable suspicion”? Accent, brown, black, clothes?

None of our immigration laws have been full enforced-most have been intentionally under funded, such as the border fence. Anything to enforce immigration laws, which includes Arizona’s Senate bill 1070. The sanctuary state of California having to rethink its welcoming laws as Illegal migrants fleeing from Arizona will be arriving there in huge numbers.

Why do we need an illegal immigration bill? All we need to do is arm (thanks to the newly enacted bill) every man, woman and child with a concealed weapon. Take it to the next level–with that new gun bill, why do we even need law enforcement.

Sign it Jan. end the drama. I look forward to Russ Pearce posters all over the state with the neo nazi supporters carrying them.

I been here since i was 9 years old and I love America maybe cause i do not know anything about my country, my parents never ask anything to the goverment cause someone told them that it would be more dificult for them to get their citizenship, they have worked here with their own name making their taxes every year. even though our application is in and they have been approved I know right now it doesn’t mean anything we are just some illegal immigrant family.

I’ll ask again, for the umpteenth time, why has no one gone after the people who employ the illegals?

This lady, who as governor has nothing … speaks dramatically as if hordes of “illegal immigrants” are going from village to village, stealing, raping women and burning houses, leaving a trail of death and pain! …… as an epic movie ……. !! like a brave heart of Mel Gibson.

And why don’t you ask the family of the slain rancher in southern AZ if they feel terrorized…

Put your money on securing the border and put the smugglers and drug dealers out of business.

As for the question – Are You Feeling Terrorized ? Yes, by our State Government.

Ok…so big deal…she used the word “terrorized”. I would imagine that many people in some of our crappier neighborhoods do feel terrorized. I would also imagine that especially with the recent killing of the rancher in southern Arizona, a lot of people down there might feel terrorized. Do I feel terrorized? No…nor do I feel overly safe either.


  1. I long go tired of asking white-eyes to show me their green card. These day’s I go for the deep-dig, often lecturing the history of the Oregon High Desert and matter-of-factly pointing out that though they weren’t here ‘first’, the ‘Mexican” were here long before the whites.

    I think we ought to give it back…

    • It is pretty ironic. I just responded to another hate-filled email against illegals with the little-known fact that we agreed, as part of our settlement to end the Mexican-American War and annex a good portion of Mexico in the process, to educate in Spanish for those who desired it.

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