The U.S. conflict: Who benefits?

DJ on the continuing and escalating internal conflict here in the US, with the two mostly identical parties pretending to fight each other.

Two possible answers are not much removed from each other: money and power. Both parties have consistently voted to roll back civil rights. Both parties have consistently voted in favor af massive transfers of wealth from the Treasury to large corporations. I suspect that the true aggressors in this conflict are not natural persons— they are corporations.

Yet conflict suggests at least two combatants. Is this a case of corporations against citizens? That’s possible. Or is this a conflict between groups of corporations over control of what, for most purposes, appears to be a corporate-controlled system of government? Tech vs. fossil fuel, military-industrial vs. consumer-driven?

To be honest, I’m not yet sure. I prefer to think that it’s corporation vs. citizen— because if it’s inter-corporate, then we’ve already become irrelevant.

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