Goldman CEO sounds like the Vatican. Arrogant. clueless

Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein sent a voicemail to employees Sunday night exhorting them to stay the course, work hard, and ignore the foolishness and attacks.

Among his delusional and inadvertently comical comments:

I will repeat what you have heard me say many times in the past: Goldman Sachs has never condoned and would never condone inappropriate activity by any of our people.

I bet a lot of Wall Street types spat coffee out their noses this morning reading that.

To that end, in the next few weeks, Goldman Sachs will have the opportunity to appear before Congress and discuss our role and participation in the mortgage market more broadly.

Yes, being ripped to shreds as the nation watches is most certainly an “opportunity” to be welcomed.

As you return to work on Monday morning, I ask that you maintain the level of focus on our clients that is at the heart of Goldman Sachs’ success over the past 140 years.

Does that include backstabbing clients and selling them toxic glop deliberately designed to fail?

As always, the comments at Zero Hedge are fun. Here’s a selection.

So is “strong record of risk management”… I guess that is the term being used these days for the theft of taxpayer money, wherever and however it can be had.

As you return to work on Monday morning, please continue to disregard all concepts of ethics and morality in the unending quest to pad your bonuses. Sincerely, Your Supreme Ruler.

Such a fine line between Peptalk & Perpwalk.

“There is no blue dress”.

I for one welcome our slimy mollusk overlords.

Blankshooter at his best. He will look great in a cell with Madoff

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  1. Take all these arrogant sociopaths, seize all of their ill gotten assets and then dump all of them in the general population of the toughest maximum security prison wearing little pink dresses! That would be true justice! Predators being preyed upon by their own kind.

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