Polizeros Icelandic Volcano investment opportunities

Where some see tragedy, we see opportunity. Now, you can speculate in disaster severity in our newly created ASH (Assessing Significant Hazards) exchange.

Afraid the Iceland volcano might cause a crop failure in Europe? Then short some of our ETFs, like those composed of European food futures, airlines, or tourism stocks. But wait, there’s more. You can also go long our special ETF consisting carefully selected stocks of private military corporations, funeral homes, small weapons manufacturers, and other companies that should prosper when civil unrest comes. When the food riots hit the big cities and the dead bodies are piling up, this ETF could potentially triple or even quadruple in value!

Coming soon. You’ll be able to slice and dice these securities into your own custom bundles. Create your own CDOs then sell CDS against them. You can even short yourself.

Don’t let disasters whack your portfolio. Profit from them instead. Do it now.