11 examples of how insanely corrupt the U.S. financial system has become

Hi, I blew up AIG, made $315 million, and won't be charged with fraud.

The mostly libertarian and politically conservative business blog Clusterstock thoughtfully details the rampant corruption in our financial system as federal regulators snooze or are complicit.

Among them:

  • Price manipulation of gold and silver. (More on this breaking story in future posts)
  • “Gold deposits” with no relation to actual gold (MSU, in other words)
  • No punishment for AIG-destroyer Joe Cassano
  • Predatory deals against American cities

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As I pointed out earlier today, the Left is mostly sleepwalking through this economic crisis, contributing little and doing even less. The investigative stuff and vocal outrage is primarily coming from those on the right.

Tea Partiers get massive publicity while no one knows or much cares what the Left is doing. We can do better than this. We must do better.

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