California’s new currency. The Arnold

California’s budget deficit is somewhere between $20-$26 billion. The state has been borrowing hugely and issuing IOUs in a desperate attempt to stay solvent. Mish posted this image from a reader mocking this ludicrous and pathetic state of affairs.

Among the unintended consequences of budget cuts, closed state parks in Arizona (and elsewhere) are being looted for archeological artifacts by looters with backhoes. Volunteer groups are patrolling the areas in attempts to stop the thefts.


  1. [snort] looting archeological artifacts … doesn’t take the white dogs long to start raping the natives again, doe it? How long before those ‘volunteers’ are armed …

    • Since those with the backhoes are almost certainly armed, and this is in Arizona where open carry is legal, I’m guessing volunteers would be armed too. I sure as Hell would be.

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