Open Carry advocates test law in Nevada

Truck driver David Stilwell. Open carry advocate. Las Vegas Sun

Open carry of a handgun without a permit is legal in Nevada. Advocates now sometimes carry deliberately to test reaction by Los Vegas police and to demonstrate their constitutional rights. Police sometimes stop and search them, then return the gun when they determine it has been registered.

Our gun laws are a crazy quilt, just like our drugs laws. In some states, possession of small amounts of marijuana is still a felony while in places like Humboldt County, CA, it is de facto legal. Our gun laws are equally all over the map. Why is open carry legal in Vegas but a serious felony in New York City?

In Vermont, concealed carry without a permit has been legal for years. There have been no crazed gun rampages there to my knowledge.


  1. “Open carry” does not make me feel safer. Open carry does not mean the person openly carrying is safer. Open carry is a distraction.

  2. I recall Bob’s shock when staying with us in rural Utah one weekend, and we had to call the Sheriff because some unknown horses had showed up and were eating our trees. (Such are the emergencies we deal with.) After the deputies had talked with us and left, Bob said, “That’s amazing– they didn’t even have their hands on their guns!” (For any rural readers, in LA a cop would never approach a person without at least having his/her hand on their pistol, and at a regular traffic stop may have their gun drawn.)

    Open carry in Vermont or Utah or any of a dozen mostly-rural states doesn’t raise any eyebrows. Interpersonal relations just aren’t that adversarial.

    Open carry on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles would likely turn into a massive gunfight.

    Having lived in both places, I have nothing against local differences. Better that than one side or the other trying to enforce their reality on the rest.

  3. Open carry is different for each state, just as DJ pointed out, but Las Vegas is no Vermont or Utah. I personally think the idea of open carry (or any carry) is bad because it means that a gun shot is always an option in a confrontation.

    I’ve owned, trained, carried, shot many guns in my day, but this is a bad idea.

    • So, you dont think that (any carry) is good? Really? While you do have a right to your opinion and I respect that, I think that it is foolish of you to basically go and say that “any carry” including concealed carry is bad. How is someone supposed to defend themselfs against a group of people that have bats, knives, or even guns? With their fists? Cmon

  4. I don’t understand why people have a problem with carry. Open carry thus far has resulted in no one getting hurt as far as I can tell, and with Concealed the advantages have massively outweighed the disadvantages.

    I don’t think that it should be different in different areas, the second amendment applies to the whole USA. Big cities are not any different, Las Vegas and Phoenix are not any different than Sacramento or New York, rights still apply. You always have the right to defend yourself.

  5. we all need to get together to try and get all the state to legallize and honor any state issued ccw,we should be able to carry where ever we go, Im an over road truck driver and I own my truck and can not legally carry my weapon,this law needs to change,why can i defend myself in my home town but not in places i dont know well?

  6. QUOTE
    In Vermont, concealed carry without a permit has been legal for years. There have been no crazed gun rampages there to my knowledge.
    Actually, it should read “for centuries.” In fact, no ‘permit’ has been required since statehood in 1791 – to my knowledge.

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