Feds bullied Kerik into 4-yr term, hurting us all

Former New York City Police Commissioner and now convicted felon Bernard Kerik probably pled guilty after prosecutors suppressed testimony by a witness who said he was pressured to implicate Kerik falsely. Moreover, this was a secret agreement, which included trying to shut down his defense fund after he spent millions and jailing him during the pretrial period.

This is similar to what they’re doing to Allen Stanford now. Look, both may be sleazy scum. That’s not the point. Justice should mean a search for truth and not trying to get more notches on your belt.

The Justice Integrity Project played a major role in breaking the story.

On April 7, we published “Another Look At The Kerik Case.” It revealed that the judge in the corruption trial of Bernard Kerik, acting at the request of prosecutors, suppressed testimony that could have been helpful to the former New York police commissioner, raising potentially explosive issues. It built on the foundation of our post-sentencing analysis, also in Nieman Watchdog, entitled, “Feds Bullied Kerik Into 4-Year Term, Hurting Us All” and the work of other reporters.

We argued that the sentence illustrated another major breakdown in the federal justice system’s prosecution of official corruption cases.

Lets all support the Justice Integrity Project.

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