To rob a country, own a bank. Pt. 5. Bill Black

Pt. 5 of Bill Black interview about control fraud, “fraud controlled from the highest levels of financial institutions and the government.”

The leadership of both major parties are deeply entwined with a parasitical Wall Street and crony capitalism. This is about to get much worse because of the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate campaign spending.

If corporations really are like people, then he suggests:

  • Three strikes and you’re out of business
  • If a corporation violates the law, it can no longer make any ads or political contributions.

The political side of Obama Administration has continually failed to do the right thing. It lets Summers, Bernanke, and Geithner run the financial sector. A short-term result of this will be that Democrats get clobbered in the upcoming election. Because people do know what’s going on.

The next crisis will be much worse.

But it doesn’t have to end that way. We the People could rise up and force change.

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