Mexico as semi-failed state that doesn’t want to stop drugs

Coming Anarchy summarizes Stratfor’s assessment that Mexico makes so much money from drugs that while it may try to whack a few cartels it doesn’t want to disrupt the aggregate flow of drugs and money.

Nederland CO just legalized marijuana. Not just small amounts, but completely. Legalization of marijuana is on the Calif. ballot in Nov. and will probably pass.

The drug cartels get 75% of their profits from marijuana. So legalization makes excellent sense.

Except for corrupt banks, hedge funds, politicians, and police that is. In addition to destroying their cash flow, legalization will also be a direct challenge to the federal government.

This is going to get real interesting.

I mean, what will the feds do, send in the Marines to eradicate the Humboldt pot farms?

I heard a story about Humboldt marijuana recently. A young man was hired by Park Service and told to go down streams and small rivers to determine if they’d changed course during the the Spring runoffs. They made a point of telling him, do not *ever* save time and cut across land. Stay in the water and make noise as you are coming. If you stumble across a growing operation, we’ll never find your body.

Multiply that by 100 for marijuana growing that drug cartels do here. Or for backwoods Southerners, for that matter. Marijuana is way more profitable than moonshine

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