iPhone OS 4.0 has stunning new features

CultofMac has reviews of all the new features. Just hop to their home page and start reading.

New features include

  • Multitasking. This is the big one.
  • Background audio for apps. You’ll be able to listen to Pandora while doing other things
  • Background VOIP. Skype will now alert you when you have a call.
  • Persistent location. It can triangulate between cell towers to determine location rather using battery-draining GPS.
  • Folders for apps. Drag one game on top of another, and you have a games folder. Tap the folder to view the games. Sweet.
  • iBooks.
  • Social gaming service.
  • iAds. Ads can even be games inside apps.

Cult of Mac comment about iAds

This is such a simple innovation, but it’s huge. Apple’s done something truly unique here: they’ve figured out a compelling way to compete with Google in the mobile advertising space. I didn’t think it can be done.

And what do developers get out of this? 60% of the revenues, after Apple has sold the ads.