Caltrain facing major cutbacks, future in doubt

Caltrain is a commuter rail line serving the San Francisco Peninsula and Santa Clara Valley. It is operated by Amtrak, funded by local and regional governmental entities, and runs from Gilroy north to downtown San Francisco. It is heavily used by commuters to get to work, and connects to BART and other major transportation lines, as well as San Francisco Airport and sporting events.

But Caltrain is going broke and faces a huge budget deficit. It needs to cut $30 million from a budget of $97 million and plans to do that by drastically cutting service. It will eliminate weekend, nighttime, and midday trains, keeping only still-profitable trains that run during peak commute hours. This means those who use Caltrain to get around during off hours or to go to San Francisco Giants and San Jose Sharks games will have to find alternate means of transportation. And forget about taking Caltrain into S.F. to have dinner.

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