Mexican drug cartel orders all residents to leave town or die

The town of El Porvenir has 10,000 residents. The cartel put up a sign saying leaving or pay in your own blood. 30 Mexicans so far have crossed over into Texas and asked for political asylum. Our government is obliging them.

Zen Pundit wonders what happens if (when?) the political asylum tactic goes viral or if thousands start crossing over.

Mexico drug cartels now challenge Mexican state. Drug cartels using armored cars and grenade launchers attempted to trap the army in their bases by blocking highways

“This really speaks to the incredible organization and firepower that the drug-trafficking organizations have managed to muster,” said Tony Payan, a border expert at the University of Texas at El Paso. “These are organizations that are flexible, supple and quick to react and adapt. They no doubt represent a challenge to the Mexican state.”

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