Iraq: Wikileaks video of US military killing journalists

Boing Boing

Wikileaks claims to have obtained and decrypted video that shows US occupying forces in an Apache helicopter intentionally firing on a dozen civilians in Baghdad, including journalists working for the Reuters news organization

Update: As of 2PM PT, a Senior U.S. official is confirming authenticity of this video.

No single piece of video has made me more ashamed to be supporting this stupid, morally bankrupt, endless war with my tax dollars. No wonder my government (and others) wants Wikileaks shut down.

At one point US forces open fire on a van showing no hostile intent and with no weapons that was picking up survivors. This is a war crime. US forces were laughing about it.

Wikileaks has a special website for this, Collateral Murder. They deserve and need our complete support. No doubt our government will be doing whatever they can to destroy Wikileaks.

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