The secret Obama-9/11 conspiracy

Marc Cooper uncovers the hideous truth. Obama was responsible for 9/11.

A few days after I posted an blog critical of the decaying Pacifica Radio stations, the comment section was infested by a plague of 9-11 “truthers.”

Their basic argument: the Bush admin either plotted the attack on the Twin Towers and/or allowed it to happen. The buildings, especially WTC7, were not downed by those highjacked planes but rather in controlled demolitions.

Now the REAL truth can be told. The 9-11 Truth movement is itself a conspiracy, a devilishly designed ploy to front for the Democratic Party as anyone, with a brain, knows that real mastermind behind Twin Tower attack was none other than Barack Hussein Obama!

Cooper details, at great personal risk to himself, the fiendish plot by which Obama arose from obscurity to become president by bombing the Twin Towers. This can only mean that the foaming-at-the-mouth fringees at KPFK have been mere pawns in Obama’s evil game to deflect blame or – hideousness of hideousness – they are knowingly complicit with Obama’s Machiavellian scheme and are part of it.

I call for the formation of a new radio station, one that will truly speak the truth, so we can investigate the running dog lackeys at KPFK and their hidden support for the imperialist, CIA-manipulated career of Obama (or whatever his name is.)


  1. There are credible questions as to the events of ‘9/11’. Sadly, the left is as guilty as the right in marginalizing questioners by dismissing them through the likes of the aforementioned looney-tune. I’m beginning to think if there is a conspiracy it’s to come up with the most outlandish ‘conspiracy’ possible to further marginalize and discredit credible questions and questioners.

    My favorite one is the Jews did it to cover up a Cold War era clandestine laboratory where captive aliens cooked up Stepford Clones of newly elected officials.

    How much was the WTC insured for?

    Who collected?

    • I agree, there are weird things about 9/11. The Pentagon crash site. Bush doing nothing after being told the US was under attack.

      Good point, that outlandish theories discredit the credible stuff too.

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