UK government finds “Climategate” baseless

The UK House of Commons’ exoneration of the CRU scientists came as no surprise; I’ve maintained from the very beginning that “Climategate” is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the public by the climate change denial industry. The criminals responsible for the hoax stole and carefully arranged a selection of “incriminating” excerpts, most noteworthy for revealing the astonishing fact that scientists are human beings with emotions.

All true, but a major problem was the massive stupidity combined with arrogance of climate change proponents who did nothing for far too long when Climategate broke, ceding political momentum to the anti- forces. The result has been massive political damage. Apparently even experienced politicians like Al Gore had never heard of rapid response teams who counter attacks within minutes after they happen. Instead they did nothing for weeks – until it was far too late.

Yes, climate change is happening. But it’s a political battle primarily now and will not be won solely based on scientific pondering. That’s what the mainstream of climate change proponents completely missed.

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