Starbucks introduces new coffee sizes

The Plenta is 128 fl oz while the Micra a mere 2 fl oz

Recognizing the potential impact the Plentaâ„¢ presents for municipal waste collection, Starbucks is also suggesting several subsequent uses for the Plentaâ„¢ cup post coffee enjoyment. Suggested usage options include popcorn receptacle, rain hat, perennial planter, lampshade or yoga block. The Micra also serves as a convenient milk dish for kittens, soft boiled egg cup or paper clip holder.


  1. april fools to you too 🙂

    • But is 128 fl. oz. of coffee enough??? Maybe it needs to be supersized.

      • Being from Arizona (home of the Super Big Gulp at 64oz) – I should have fallen for this 🙂 BTW – Starbucks does have a tiny cup like the micra – they use it for free samples.

  2. I would need about 18 sugar packets, and the whole jug of cream for this.

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