1. It’s great, but almost useless with a 6 mile limit. I’ an urban commuter, and live/work in the same city. I have what most would consider a short commute to work (under 10 minutes from driveway to lot), but while Google points out that the distance is 5.5 miles as the crow flies, this is not a flying apparatus. Thanks to a river the shortest walking path is 6.8 miles, just over the limit for this device. And at 22 pounds, I’m not in a hurry to hike the last mile with it strapped to my back.

    If they could bump it to 10 or 15 miles, they’d pick up a lot of people. While it’s clear they’re trying to lure city folks, I doubt that will fly. Most cities that are dense enough to have a commute under 6 miles also have a working mass transit system, making this kind of pointless.

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