Bankster news

New Merrill Lynch disclosure shines a perjurious light on Ben Bernanke’s sworn testimony.

Honesty is for the little people.

SEC, Fed alerted by Merrill of Lehman balance sheet games in March 2008

So which theory is it: stunning bureaucratic incompetence, wishful thinking and denial? Or a cover up? Or a combination of the above?

I vote for open corruption. The financial records of all regulators involved need to be examined by forensics. Then we’ll really get somewhere.

Folks, if all this happened in a third world country we’d be chortling about how corrupt their government is, right?

Congress demands explanation from Bernanke on why Goldman And Ex-Fed board member Stephen Friedman illegally bought shares of Goldman in December 2008.

Congress is pretending to be investigating yet more criminality out of Goldman and out of the New York Fed, and specifically the nexus where the two streams intersect – Goldman’s very own/the Fed’s very ex-own, Stephen Friedman. We can’t wait to see how quick before this investigation quietly disappears.

Sen. Dodd calls for criminal probe into Lehman Brothers. See above, especially considering Dodd is a snake who routinely pretends to champion the little guy then reverses course at the last moment. However, they may need a few sacrificial lambs (conveniently from now-defunct investment banks) to throw to the growing mob of peasants with pitchforks outside.