Anti-war protests today will be non-events and ignored

That’s just the way it is now. People’s attention is elsewhere, on the economy, healthcare, jobs. There’s no focus on the wars nor have the organizers of today’s marches changed tactics to meet our changed times. So, it’ll just be preaching to the choir and I bet not much of the choir shows up this time.

And I say that as someone who helped organize multiple, sometimes huge, anti-Iraq war protests from 2004-2007.

Also, it’s now obvious that much of the anti-Iraq war sentiment at earlier protests was really anti-Bush and many liberal and progressives don’t yet want to speak out against Obama. Add to that the organizer’s insistence on dragging in most every far left issue into the mix, as they always do, and you almost guarantee the mainstream won’t show up.

New tactics are needed, tactics that genuinely reach out to the mainstream and address their concerns. That’s how to build an authentic mass movement.