Anti-perkiness report

Georgia Republicans believe the cause of unemployment is drugs, propose random drug testing as condition for receiving unemployment benefits. Ignoring that it was unbridled free marketeering and deregulation, and a host of other policies favored by the ruling class (of which they are members) that caused a dearth of jobs. Do you think I’m making this up?

“We have to make sure that these people, particularly if they’re on the unemployment line, have the ability to go back to work, and one of the things that’s preventing them from having that opportunity is the fact that they can’t get past the drug test,” says co-sponsor Rep. Jimmy Pruett (R-Eastman).

How bad is it? “Unacceptable.” And it’s going to keep being unacceptable for a long, long time.

Today, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner called the unemployment rate in the United States “unacceptable by any metric.” Of course, he then warned that it would likely go up before it goes down, so it’s unacceptable, but it will continue to occur. But the real question for many unemployed Americans — or Americans entering the workforce — is when unemployment might be back down to pre-recession levels. Geithner didn’t answer that, but we can do the math….

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  1. Drunks still drunk from the night before get past the drug test, tweakers still wide awake from the methamphetamine they did seventy-two hours ago get past the drug test. And of course all those stone-to-the-bone on the Ambein, Prosaic, Viagra and crotch-shots on CNN/Faux News Kool-Aid get past the drug test. The only ones to not get past the drug test are the poor saps who rather than beer have a puff of weed or two at the end of the day. ‘Nuff said?

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