The Meth Project

Two years after launching the Meth Project in Montana, adult Meth use has declined by 72% and Meth-related crime has decreased 62%

They did this by mass advertising and most importantly, by listening to what teenagers told them.

Our first campaign focused on the impact Meth has on the individual—the user. Our latest ads show the collateral damage that occurs to users’ family and friends. This new concept is based directly on input from teens.

Is the video here melodramatic? Yes. It also gets the point across in unmistakable manner. Don’t do it. Not even once. I haven’t done drugs in a long time and could care less if you smoke marijuana. But meth nearly took me down. I managed to escape with no lasting damage to my teeth and brain cells. Others are not nearly so lucky.

The Meth Project is at

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  1. That video scared the hell out of me. Learning that you were almost “taken down” by meth was even scarier. Meth is damned scary stuff. I have friends who succumbed, and lost. (@avivao on Twitter)

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