Vatican completes probe of disgraced Legion of Christ order

How disgraced? Its founder and leader, Rev. Marcial Maciel, fathered multiple children, molested seminarians and children, plagarized a book, and was accused of financial misconduct and drug abuse. What a guy. Even with that, it took decades to remove him. In 2005 Cardinal Ratizger referred to Maciel as “filth” and when he became Pope in 2006, removed him from office. But characteristically the Pope made no mention of the victims or of any possible civil or criminal violations. Nope, instead Maciel was simply banished to a solitary monastery somewhere with no explanation.

But by then the lawsuits had started so the Church was obliged to pretend to care. Am I too cynical? I think not. This has been their standard response far too many times and in multiple countries. Ignore, bury, or deflect attention from the scandal. if that doesn’t work, attack the victims, stonewall, and say enemies of the Church are the problem. But never ever accept institutional guilt or try to understand why such corruption and rot seems endemic in the Catholic Church now.

It other words, don’t cop to nothing. An attitude one might expect from Mafioso perhaps, but certainly not from the leaders of a major religion.

Tip: Dave Riley